Electronic energy-saving lamp circuit 3

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 289 Star STMicroelectronics (ST) deputy public cattle produced VK05CIl. ASIC production of electronic front desk lamp can be lit 5-15W low-power compact fluorescent lamp

Electronic energy-saving lamp circuit 3
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s ([FL). VK05cFI. Is designed to drive o ~ 23W low-power compact fluorescent lamps designed for high-pressure composite bipolar transistors and integrated low-voltage switching devices outside IOSFF.T combination, the maximum operating frequency of 200kHz, the power device and the source collector Xi Xi borers between high voltage 520V, rated collector current of 250mA. It is an 8- foot s () package, the first, ,, feet collector NPN transistor, high-pressure composite, O feet for low voltage power M (JSFFT source, namely high pressure composite transistor emitter in the device there is also integrated two-way contact hair shake tube DJA (1 other components. indiscriminately in, VD1 ~ VD4 bridge rectifier circuit to .C, and L. composition filter, R., (j and A2 section, feet inside connected to a diode-like composition DJAC start circuit, two VK05CFI. transformer T and other components half-bridge inverter circuit, L. and cl (, consisting of a series resonant circuit (in front of the lamp ignition, RT resistance value is small can be considered the current does not pass (1,). RT-frequency current through the lamp to warm up after about 07- 1 2S, RT temperature was raised to the Curie point, immediately showed a high impedance blocking exhausted stream unravel G. the current through (1, cause/and G, and other series circuit of a resonance in C, 1, G., seven high-voltage pulse so that the lamp F fast starter, lamp working properly called, I. can play the role of steady flow. transformer T uses F5 ferrite core and O Zmm high strength polyester enameled wire ,., L. each turns around about 12-20 ,. around 200 turns. core gap surname pad 0 3mn1 kraft paper, specifically the Division experimentally selected .RT use RTC, thermistor, such as M21113, M2fi4 delete, etc. Ding Feng circuit is j-ljw low-power compact fluorescent lamp, if the o-23W low-power compact fluorescent .L to r, r, 2 2kn original Cambodia will instead ikC !; C., C. instead I (JOOpF, well suitable base of L. r small transformer turns number,

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