Electronic rodent control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

It is said that the mice are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields, which is why the high-voltage grid rodent generally poor results. Electronic rodent control described here, no high-voltage power line usually, it does not cause mouse alert,

Electronic rodent control circuit
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but as long as the body of a mouse trigger power grid, high-voltage power grid will immediately be able to instantly kill him, the rodent is better. working principle Circuit shown in Figure, B is an isolated step-up transformer. Due to the use of land as a grid electrode to prevent Warfarin mains security devices malfunction, the transformer circuit and mains isolation. Secondary low pressure by about 6V VD1 rectifier, C1 filtering DC voltage of about 7V obtained for control. High voltage alternating current by a pulsating rectified voltage VD2 obtained power for tag. Way thyristor SCR for a high on / off control, SCR cathode connected to the power line by LAMP. Static, due to the base circuit of the transistor V1 suspension and off, SCR is also turned off the power grid to be only between a low DC voltage, thereby generating an electric field is weak, so that the mouse will not raise the alarm. When a rat across the grid, V1 immediately turned the SCR triggered by high pressure pulsation LAMP immediately applied power line, the mice were killed. At the same time, V2 is saturated conduction, the relay J pull power, electric bell DL power and started to inform staff will promptly remove dead rats. Component selection and production Component list is as follows Number Name Type Quantity R1 resistor 100K 1 R2 * 200 resistor to be adjusted 1 R3 resistance 5.1K 1 C1 electrolytic capacitors 220u 1 C2 electrolytic capacitors 47u 1 VD1,3,4,6 IN4007 4 VD2 rectifier diode rectifier diode IN5408 1 VD5 switching diode IN4148 1 V1 transistor 9012 1 V2 transistor 9013 1 SCR way SCR BT169 1 J relay 6V small 1 BX fuse 0.5A µ0.5cm 2cm 1 B transformer restructuring, 1 LAMP incandescent 60W / 220V 1 B selection control transformer 300W about restructuring, the low voltage winding removal, another with µ0.25mm enameled wire around 1200 turns, tapped at 13 turns for the low-voltage winding. J 6V with a small relay. The production of all components mounted on a circuit board. Available wire grid on the ground 2cm high number of porcelain insulation supporting wound channel is formed with a common circuit nails driven into the ground. To enhance the effect, you can splash some water on the ground.

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