Photoreceiving circuit diagram LM307 amplifier configuration

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the photoelectric receiver amplifier. Photo receiver amplifier for amplifying circuit amplifies the electrical signal photodiode or phototransistor optoelectronic

Photoreceiving circuit diagram LM307 amplifier configuration
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device output and design. When the illuminance of the incident light changes, the photosensitive device will produce a corresponding voltage or current, and the photoreceptor amplifier is used to amplify the photocurrent change circuit constituted by the operational amplifier LM307 current amplifier it is ideally suited to achieve the above effect. In phototransistor OS18 with a certain bias voltage VB (FIG. (A) in VB -l5V), in the light of its output current operational amplifiers amplified output voltage Vo IpR1 to represent. Minimum photocurrent Ip is determined by the LM307 op amp input bias current IB, the maximum value Ip by op amp maximum allowable output voltage Vomax decision.

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