Practical Circuit LM3875 - Dual Power

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

875T and LM3876T same high performance 40W high power amplifier IC. It can 20Hz - 20kHz frequency range within continuous average power output load 8fl deleted, only 0,05% dist

Practical Circuit LM3875 - Dual Power
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ortion. Therefore, it is the manufacturers design and manufacture of high-fidelity audio equipment preferred amplifier IC. In addition to the two circuits in the power supply voltage range, a slightly different conversion rates and quiescent supply current, the same as the other parameters. Circuit performance consistency, and high reliability, especially not suitable for Taiwan to use for mass production of electronic products. Both electrical performance amplifier circuit as shown in Table 2-14. Figure 2-57 two applications for the LM3875 circuit. The figure shows the external circuit of the two circuit is relatively simple, but also very flexible oLM3875T can use dual power, also can use a single power supply. LM3875T: supply voltage range, dual power supply is 10 ~ 40V; quiescent current of about 30mA; when the power supply when pressure is 35V, load goblets, distortion of 0.2%, the output power is 56W; in the frequency range 20hz ~ 20kHz, output power of 40W, the total harmonic distortion plus noise crossing the 0.05%; when the standard operation conditions, frequency response SHz ~ lOOkHz (+ 0,25dB), SNR up to 115dB (a-weighted), conversion rate 11V4150 LM3876T: supply voltage range, when the power supply is taken 7 ~ 47V; quiescent current of about 40n1A (mute off); the same as the rest of the performance and LM3875T, LM3876T only with mute control, LM3875T no mute function.

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