Radio reception circuit diagram TA31136

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG, Vcc to the circuit is V power supply. After receiving the first signal frequency becomes 21.7 MHz, 21.7 MHz and then after two crystal filter to enhance the se

Radio reception circuit diagram TA31136
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lectivity of the input signal. T10 is the resonant frequency of 21.7 MHz in the week, and the composition of the selected frequency amplifier transistor Q2. VCC2 is 5 V, may provide a bias voltage to the transistor. U3 (TA31136) to 21.7 MHz input signal 16 feet with 1 foot of 21.245 MHz local oscillator signal for mixing, to form a second intermediate frequency 455 kHz. And then the IF amplifier from 455 kHz frequency discriminator in the week out of the demodulated signal through a low pass filter formed by resistor R64 and the internal composition of the external capacitor C116, filtered intermediate frequency and high harmonics into the low-level circuit. The program before 10 feet and 11 feet out of the part using a frequency discriminator in the week, and found the week coil difficult to debug, and later switched to Muratas ceramic frequency CDB450C24. Because CDB450C24 simple structure, easy to implement, frequency accuracy of plus or minus 1%, the bandwidth of about 10 kHz, and does not require the load capacitance.

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