Restructuring of the pitch by the pitch selector circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 4-13 is an adaptation of a common attenuated tone control from the pitch selector. It consists of two magnifications of each of the amplifiers 10, Icl used as a line amp

Restructuring of the pitch by the pitch selector circuit
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lifier, l [C2 is used to compensate for attenuation o tone caused by networks in this circuit, the potentiometer still works, but the adjustment range than the narrow, it can be used to correct the frequency response curve of each file, in order to meet the needs of different people o in the circuit, when you press the language key, SAi, also deputy action, SAi make C4 access, bass is attenuated, Island makes the treble is bypassed, SA2 make Rj instead of R7, resistance increases, midrange gain is increased. When you press the concert button. SA3, SA4 action, SA3 rainbow effect with just the same, SA4 will c5 in parallel with the C4, while access circuit, high and low only for a small amount of lift o Press the orchestral key, SA6 action, R7 connected in parallel, the alkali resistance is small, midrange gain reduction, improved relatively high, bass o press bass is key, SA7, S} .e action, SA7 role and SA6 same tenor reduce, gb so clo .c11 series, capacity is reduced, treble attenuation, bypassing the island make midrange attenuation. press the straight distressed key, SAg, SAio action, the whole tone disconnected from the network, the signal from the amplifier stage straight-line after a pass grade enlarge clamor, the sound signal remains original. The two circuits are assembled using high-performance op amp OP275, the circuit conversion rates up to 22V/Us, poles Voice good. Can also be used QP249, or NE5532 also o

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