Simple and practical power SCR trigger circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Books presentation general power thyristor trigger circuit are more complex, and some elements hard to buy. I only spend a few dollars made trigger circuit has been successfull

Simple and practical power SCR trigger circuit diagram
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y triggered thyristor module above 100A, industrial hardening furnace for regulating voltage 380V, and for installing a set of high-power variable speed blower for use, the effect is very good. This circuit can also be used to adjust 220V AC power supply with electrical appliances. Circuit shown in Figure. The two-way SCR SCRl, SCR2 reverse parallel. Then the control panel connected to this trigger circuit, on the formation of a simple and practical high-power variable speed circuits. Unique in this circuit is that the SCR gate without external power supply, as long as the load after power is turned on with this series circuit, the two gate between the respective cathode and there 5V ~ 8V DC voltage pulse generation adjustment potentiometer R2 to change two thyristor conduction angle, increasing the resistance R2 to a certain extent, you can make two main thyristor blocked so the R2 also functions as a switch. Another feature of this circuit is that the two main thyristors alternately turned on, a forward voltage drop is another reverse drop, so there is no reverse breakdown problems. However, when the applied voltage exceeds the transient blocking voltage, SCR1, SCR2 mislead pass, turned extent decided by the potentiometer R2. SCR3 with the surrounding elements constituting the general phase-shift trigger circuit, the principle is omitted here. SCR1, SCR2 I use is packaged SCR module (110A/1000V), SCR3 selection BTl36, namely 600V triac. This circuit is used as an inductive load, should increase R4, C3 RC snubber circuit and varistor RV for overvoltage protection, preventing the load off and on instantly generate high induced voltage damage to the SCR.

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