Suppressor circuit diagram for singing karaoke

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Tape output circuit by the left and right channel signals through the first buffer amplifier, the output signal of two routes, all the way directly to the amplifier amplifies the other way into the end-pass filter for filtering.

Suppressor circuit diagram for singing karaoke
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Through signals sent via the amplifier subtractor by subtractors pair of left and right channel signals are subtracted. After subtraction, the same ingredient twice canceled track recording level, which is the main part of the song's bass sound; and twice trail recording level attenuation somewhat different ingredients but has not fully offset, this is desired musical accompaniment and background music. The output signal of the subtractor is also fed into the mixing amplifier hybrid amplification. After this process, the signal output of the mixer in only retains the accompaniment of music, rhythm and bass music background music, but also eliminates the singing. The signal is sent to two buffer amplifiers, respectively, from the buffer amplifier output left and right channel signals for amplifying equipment. Circuit equilibrium potential is very important, it is used to regulate the intensity of the left and right channel signals, to improve the effect of suppressing the song.

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