Watermelon raw and cooked discriminating circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Annual listing of watermelon season, many people lack Yin Chi intuitive judgment raw and cooked watermelon Yun experience, often unnecessary disputes and saying this person has

Watermelon raw and cooked discriminating circuit
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. If you design an electrical path, we can accurately determine the two melon raw and cooked, it is a very good way. Watermelon raw and cooked discriminator circuit 149 shown in FIG. Its core device is a 2-input NAND gate terminal 4 of the integrated circuit lC, where Dl, DZ and D4 are connected to an inverter (NOT gate) use. Dl input level to the level of resistance of the battery by the RP watermelon and probes to measure the partial pressure of GB of the decision. Since raw ripe melon and water melon, ion concentration is not the same, sometimes they are not the same conductivity, low resistance ripe melon, green melon electrical resistance large. When the probe a, b inserted ripe melon, melon smaller resistance. DJ input terminal is low (less than V swollen/2), Dl output high level are applied to the input terminal D2 and D3, D2 one hand inverted output: low power peace, light emitting diode (LED) two end get some electrical bits shame to emit light} on the other hand makes D3, D4 bonito into rhyme audio multivibrator work, piezoelectric ceramics guide is issued. Di - a ring of sound. Probe a, b inserted when raw melon, melon larger resistance, Dl input is high (greater than vJim/2), it is satisfied that the output of low points do not seal D2 and D3 input to make LEb silent k B does not emit light, sound and according to whether the light-emitting LED and 9B. It can be determined by measuring the degree of raw and cooked watermelon..

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