Switching solenoid drive circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG switching solenoid driver circuit, wherein the device chip U8 is 74123, the device is a solid state relays 02, 03, the switching electromagnet coil is sucked PUSH coil, HOL

Switching solenoid drive circuit diagram
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D is maintaining its coil power supply VDD to 24V. Of course, when the switching mechanism to switch to dual-fuel operation, from the B input pin Y1 74123 from the low to the high jump, fans variations make the output of 74123 Q output of a transient high current pulse, duration of T. After the inverter 7404, the potential of UA A low point will appear the same width, the solid state relay input terminal 02 also has a current time by T, then solid state relay output 02 appears conduction time T. During this time, a strong suction current through the switching electromagnet coil inhalation, inhalation generate sufficient electromagnetic force of the electromagnet core. Pulse width T choice should refer solenoid switch setting performance parameters necessary to meet the core requirements of inhalation, can not be too long cause the coil to burn. T is by selecting values of resistor R10 and capacitor C3 is determined. The Department T takes 1 second, R10 1000, C3 1000 F. Speaking from the mechanism, the switch and the solenoid to maintain the current high-voltage gas solenoid operating current is the same mechanism: when Y1 1, the existence of the holding current, the iron core is maintained at the suction state; when Y1 0 when no holding current exists, to restore the original core extended position under the action of the return spring.

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