pushbutton electronic-potentiometer system

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

As systems grow smaller, it becomes increasingly attractive to replace mechanical potentiometers with electronic potentiometers, which are smaller and less expensive silicon equivalents. A common interface for such devices comprises a Chip-Select, Increment and, Up/ line. CS activates the device and, on a rising edge of steps the wiper in a direction that the U/ pin indicates. The simple circuit of Figure 1 uses two pushbuttonsone for up and one for downand a few tiny silicon devices to implement a debounced, ESD-protected electronic-potentiometer system.

The normally open pushbutton switches feed into the MAX6817, an ESD-protected switch debouncer in an SOT-23 package. It has internal pullup resistors on the inputs and buffered, noninverting CMOS outputs. In the absence of a switch closure, the normally o

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