With triac light control lamp 1

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

And the section of the circuit is similar, with the solid photoresistor RG fixed resistor Rl also form a voltage divider. Light-emitting diodes LED1, LED2 here doubles as a pow

With triac light control lamp 1
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er indicator, fork for rectifying trigger. When the positive half-cycle alternating current in the positive case of the negative, LED2 is turned on (of course, at night) to vs provide positive trigger current, when the alternating current in the negative at positive negative half-cycle, LED1 is turned on (the same kind should be at night ) to provide reverse trigger current vs. During the day, natural light is strong. RG showed low resistance, low partial pressure, vs can not be opened, the lamp H does not shine. Only nightfall, the partial pressure is higher, the alternating voltage applied to LED1 and LED2 vs SCR control electrode, so vs open, lights on the light H normal light. RP can be used to adjust the light control sensitivity.

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