12V DC power supply circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

12V DC power supply circuit A typical 1V DC power supply circuit as shown in FIG. The figure for the power supply transformer Tr, which the mains voltage to the required two gr

12V DC power supply circuit
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oups of 1V AC low. Rectifier full wave rectifier, capacitor filter mode. Regulators are typically part of a complex series pass transistor regulator circuit, the whole figure has O.OIpF diode in parallel across a capacitor, its role is to reduce the rectified peak voltage of the transistor, and to avoid hum modulation. The role of the capacitor C6 is to increase the ability to control, since it is assumed when the output is - change Uo of, if not add capacitor C6, then the amount of change is Rs, where after Rw and partial pressure applied to VT2 tube base; and plus a capacitor C6, due to the voltage across the capacitor voltage can not change suddenly, so that the entire amount of change will be applied to the base of the pole tube VT2, improve the ability to control, to further stabilize the output voltage.

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