Adaptive configuration LM317 adjustable power supply

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG adaptive adjustable power supply. The power supply to the LM317 regulator device, adaptive switching circuit automatically switches the input voltage according

Adaptive configuration LM317 adjustable power supply
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to the output voltage level to reduce the input and output voltage of the differential pressure, reduce the power consumption of the power supply itself. Wherein VT2, VD5, VW, R5, R6, C10 and the relay K constitute adaptive switching operation circuit, when the output voltage Vo is lower than 14V, VW due to insufficient breakdown voltage is turned off, no current flows through, VT2 end, K does not move, the contacts K-1 is normally closed state, the transformer secondary 14V AC mains voltage regulator circuit. Conversely, when the output voltage is greater than 14V, VW breakdown, VT2 conduction. K was electric, K-1 action, access to the 28V AC voltage regulator circuit. Thus ensuring the input and output pressure of no more than 15V. The output voltage of the circuit is 1.25 ~ 30V continuously adjustable, the maximum output current of 3A.

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