Adjustable dual voltage power supply circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Adjustable dual voltage power supply lines shown, can be used as a power supply line frequently used experiments. Its current does not exceed 1A, but two voltages are adjustabl

Adjustable dual voltage power supply circuit
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e, and each other. Nl, N2 and 78 series three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit, since the output voltage is equal to the nominal value of the common voltage ground voltage and therefore to the common terminal coupled with a long adjustable positive and negative voltages, you can make output voltage level is adjustable. The line N1, N2 share a rectifier power supply. Transformer T is another set of output, the VD rectifier, C4 filter wave, Yan limiting, VS regulator, dedicated to providing a total negative reference voltage through the switch Sl, S2 selectable power-on the common side of the polarity voltage, and then adjust RP1 or RP2, it can be adjusted separately two output voltages. According to the data shown, the two output voltage can be continuously variable within 1. 5-25V range, voltage stability also meet the requirements. When the voltage is lowered, the integrated circuit input/output voltage difference is large, a corresponding increase in power consumption, it is necessary to install the heat sink. In addition, when selecting positive reference voltage, potentiometer wiper closer to the end, the higher the output voltage, and the choice of a negative reference voltage, the slide arm close to the low output voltage. Select principle RP1, RP2 is to make voltage value is slightly higher than the nominal value of the integrated circuit is appropriate. Input voltage regulator circuit/output voltage difference between the maximum generally not more than 35V, therefore, should not be higher than the transformer secondary voltage 25V, to avoid damage to the integrated circuit.

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