Secret of the Great Pyramid

Posted on Jul 31, 2015

I like to post some thoughts on some of the functions of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. It's been claimed that the Great Pyramid might be a Power Plant, a Tomb, a Transmitter/Receiver to talk with some other Worlds, or a message from Atlanteans to future generations in the form of a massive monument. Let's start with Ionosphere.

Secret of the Great Pyramid
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Ionosphere is a conductive layer in atmosphere whose conductive property is due to cosmic rays coming from space.  Surface of Earth and the Ionosphere form a spherical capacitor as shown in Fig. 1. The potential difference at about 50-km high above Earth surface is estimated at +400000 V. The electric field intensity increases by about 100 V/m as the altitude increases. So the Earth must be the negative plate (or the grounded plate) of this global capacitor. 

Since the electric field is actually the gradient of a scalar electric potential, there must be a potential gradient in air. The equipotentials enclose Earth like concentric spherical surfaces. 

Great Pyramid of Keops has insulating outer surface and underneath there is a conductive surface. Most likely, equipotential lines are distorted around the pyramid. The tip of the pyramid may be around 0 V/m. However, the equipotential lines are highly compressed at the tip of the pyramid and the lines that are at much higher potential are very close to 0 V/m line as seen in Fig. 3. The height of the pyramid is 146 m, and the expected potential close to the tip of the pyramid is 14600 V. This high positive potential attracts and pulls the electrons from the tip of the pyramid. 

Thus pyramid works as a massive air ionizer. Ionization takes place continuously and at small power levels. Electrons are provided by underground...

PCB file: Click here to download 255 file.PCB file: Click here to download 255 file.

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