Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 1

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I found one circuit diagram, on one russian site, freeenergylt dot narod2 dot ru/Aidas. Question is, diagram contains something pulse generator, for this circuit diagram need PCGU1000 equipment, for functioning the coils?

Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 1
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

my impression now is that casually you are on something: do you remember the stories about TV set reported by SM (?)...just about funny things happening with flybacks...we are on muddy terrain as, at least in your case, situation appears to be unrepeatable due to kind of internal secondary shorting you are experiencing...MAY BE THAT THE PARTIAL INTERNAL FUSING IS IN A WAY ENHANCING RESONATION, who knows?
Please do not forget that original basic #2 design provided for an 'internal resonation' putting a cap in parallel to a part of the HV secondary....and T-1000 clearly says that's particular & important. Unfortunately it is very difficult to replicate as the Russian unit the STAAAR group used is vintage TBC. I agree that there could be OU source.

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This is MUNIRAJU from Bangalore karnataka    Dec 30, 2020

Please, send me the construction details

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