Low Power consumption 5V regulator circuit

Posted on Oct 19, 2012

The special feature of the circuit shown below is the low consumption. With voltage n 9 at the entrance and no exit load, absorbs current 50 ma, which is certainly very small compared with a quiescent current 78L05. The components that comprise it are scarce. Just a reference voltage source, formed by the T1 and the IC 1 and an amplifier consisting of the IC2 and T2 so we have to output the desired voltage stabilizer. The trend that emerges at the output of IC 1 increased to 1,22 V. Using the IC2 and the P1 is set so that the output of the circuit is n equal to 5 exactly at the entrance of the circuit can be imposed voltage between 6.5 ??? 30 V DC, while the maximum output current reaches 1 mA for the better functioning of the stabilizer, transistors T and T 1 a 1 b should be possible similar characteristics. That is why we preferred a 'double' type transistors MAT02 or alternatively one of the MAT01, SSM2210 or LM394.

Low Power consumption 5V regulator circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

If your course is hard to find, you can use two common BC, but which should be selected to have approximately the same threshold voltage. The Operational IC 1 and IC2 is type OR22. Especially for IC2, the peak current of the output can be set using the power introduced in this through the resistor R9. The price of electricity varies between 500 to 400 ma BAC course, before making an increase, you should check whether the output transistor T2 is able to meet the equally elevated currents that it may request the load. The filter formed by the R6-C 1 is meant to suppress the spurious peaks may accidentally be deployed at the entrance of IC2. The capacitor C2 improves the stability of the circuit, wherethose which the stabilizer is required to provide pulsed current. The total circuit resistance and is highly therefore sensitive to any kind of electrostatic and magnetic disturbances. The control stabilizer made with a complex load to absorb continuous stream of 1 mA. The pulse of 1 mA Measurement results are shown in the table. The current Ig represents the quiescent current of stabilizer.

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