Rf probe for vtvm

Posted on Aug 23, 2012

This circuit combines a 555 timer with a 2N2222 transistor and an external potentiometer. The pot adjusts the output voltage to the desired value. To regulate the output voltage, the 2N2222 varies the control voltage of the 555 IC, increasing or decreasing the pulse repetition rate. A 1 K resistor is used as a collector load. The transistor base is driven from the external pot. If the output voltage becomes less negative, the control voltage moves closer to ground, causing the repetition rate of the 555 to increase, which, in turn, causes the 3 µf capacitor to charge more frequently

Rf probe for vtvm
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Output voltage for the circuit is 0 to 10 V, adjusted by the external pot. Output regulation is less than five percent for 0 to 10 mA and less than 5 percent for 0 to 0 mA.

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