Solar cell battery charger circuit

Posted on Jan 3, 2013

The circuit charges a 9-V battery at about 30 mA per input ampere at 0.4 V. Ul, a quad Schmitt trigger, operate as an astable multivibrator to drive push-pull TMOS devices Ql and Q2. Power for Ul is derived from the 9-V battery via D4; power for Ql and Q2 is supplied by the solar cell. The multivibrator frequency, determined by R2-C1, is set to 180 Hz for maximum efficiency from a 6.3-V filament transformer, Tl. The secondary of the transformer is applied to a full wave bridge rectifier, Dl, which is connected to the batteries being charged.

Solar cell battery charger circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The small Ni-Cad battery is a fail-safe excitation supply to allow the system to recover if the 9-V battery becomes fully discharged. A CdS photocell shuts off the oscillator in darkness to preserve the fail-safe battery during shipping and storage, or prolonged darkness.

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