ALL band reciever using MC3362

Posted on May 5, 2012

This receptor is born of our annoyance against the irritating problem of Quartz: With the RX21, completed research of cut crystal for your personal rating, you have with him, access to ALL band frequencies, in steps of 5 kHz ! Desiring to make this universal receiver, it not only gives you the choice of frequency, but also the direction of the PPM modulation. The programming of the received frequency is software-or using the transmitter SUPERTEF (MIE No. 681) if available, or using a small module programming for those with a PPM transmitter whatever. The information transfer may be by direct cable or infrared link, the latter technique for programming the receiver installed in the cell without opening it, which is nice for a plane, but more useful boat in which the receiver is often in a watertight compartment and not directly accessible.

ALL band reciever using MC3362
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ALL band reciever using MC3362 - image 1
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Fig. 1 is the schematic for the HF. The signal received by the antenna is amplified by Q1 and screened by L1 and L2. Injected into an MC3362 MOTOROLA, it undergoes a first change of frequency in a blender with the oscillator, tuned by L3 is synthesized, or to 10700 kHz in the received frequency, or to 10700 kHz above, as the modulation is normal or reversed direction. (Relative to our personal systems). Thus, with a SUPERTEF to receive 72 250 kHz, eg. the oscillator is locked on 72,250 to 10,700 = 61 550 kHz, but with FUTABA or another, it will be on 72,250 + 10,700 = 82,950 kHz. In both cases, the first IF is 72,250 to 61,550 = 10,700 or 82,950 to 72,250 = 10 700 kHz. We simply note that the increase of the 10700 72250 grown in the first case and the fact decreasing in the second. The 10700 kHz is recovered on the pin 19, filtered by the quartz filter F10.7, reinjected by the stud 17. It then undergoes a second change to another frequency which the oscillator mixer related issue of 10245 kHz, which gives the second FI: 10,700 to 10,245 = 455 kHz which is collected at 5, filtered through the CFW455 and reinjected by the stud 5 in a logarithmic amplifier with high gain. He was finally sent to a quadrature demodulator given by L4. The AF signal modulation is obtained in 13. (Approx. 750 mVpp) The logarithmic amplifier delivers over 10 a current proportional to the amplitude of the signal, so the collected field (0.1...

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