Networking Security System (ATmega16L)

Posted on Mar 17, 2013

TCP based security system using the Ethernet module offered within the contest , an ATmega16L microcontroller , a PIR as a sensor and few other peripheral devices , which is specially targeted for homes and small business owners. I have used through for my final design a combination of the WIZ810MJ module , an ATmega16L microcontroller , a 7.3728 MHz crystal (compatible with my bootloader programmer), a DS1302 timekeeper , a PIR to sense the human movement through the body heat , a keypad for initial configuration and a 2×16 LCD for display. The design also include regulators to power up the circuits.

Networking Security System (ATmega16L)
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Well , the system should be installed near an internet source and a cable (crossover or straight-through as it depends) should be plugged in to the module?s Rj-45 jack. If the system is in rest mode (acting as TCP server) . It waits for commands from the client (its IP address can be programmed or change initially or during operation) and execute them (after a password is entered obviously )while still inspecting for any Alarm which would arises from the PIR sensor . When any Alarm triggers , it switches into client mode (acts as a TCP client) and starts sending warning signs. The system uses motion sensing (based on human body heat) to trigger an alarm which sends a message to the server containing a timestamp presenting the exact time the Motion was detected acting as a real-time surveillance system . For increasing safety from the risk arising from a false alarm , it sends the alarm signals for about 5 minutes and then it stops for 10 minutes and so on assuming the alarm was still active ... Clearing the way for the costumer to stop the alarm if he noticed some kind of a failure as the system acts as a server in these 10 minutes. This false alarm is very rare and it could occur as a result of maybe a passing squirrel maybe or some relative passed by and forgot to turn the alarm off .. etc .. So although it is rare but should be taken care of. In the first start-up of the system, it enters the configuration mode ....

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