Air compressor circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Air compressor control circuit, the circuit principle analysis of pumping at play: When the overload protection function (1) When the motor thermal relay FR long-term overload,

Air compressor circuit
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thermal relays. FR action, which help the ship Guo Fang ship head off, to protect the compressor from overheating and damage. l; (2) the circuit breaker -QF oak Yao Lu protection when compressed air peach main circuit short-circuit fault, the circuit breaker ride overcurrent release operation When the motor overload protection x Portugal plot contained rabbit lute, the trip will be the thermal overload trip will run the compressor removal., (3) off the ah Tong Yichang child protection function is static KA, KA, KM coils are connected to three cabinet circuit, when any two-phase coil is connected to the power supply KA t KA line can not warm the feet together when one phase is disconnected. Chang and contacts disconnect KA, KM coil energized when any of KM {two-phase coil connected with a broken leg when the line. KM can not ai coil units, the motor stops running. ;. (4) presses, electrical protection when no pressure compressor meat too often its sP A contact in the on state, this time, took the start press the button SB2, KM leisure together,:;} When the compression operation of the compressor when a certain pressure inside the machine, press the stop button SB1, the compressor is stopped. When the compressor pressure exceeds the allowable value, its purple closed contacts sP off, cut off the power supply and AC contactor shutdown.

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