Electronic I CHING Detector

Posted on Jan 23, 2013

This circuit is the electronic emulation of the I Ching, a form of divination originating in China. In the classical form, the response is obtained by the manipulation of 50 sticks or, more practically, by tossing 3 coins. The process must be repeated 6 times in order to complete what is called an hexagram. The various combinations given by the 6 readings are then read with the help of a book: the I Ching in fact or book of changes, used as a guide for the interpretation of the results. As the hexagrams look very much like a binary code, with additions and subtractions to go from one hexagram to the other, I thought that a hardware implementation could be feasible.

Electronic I CHING Detector
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The circuit reflects faithfully the chances of the I Ching: it is based on a counter which repeats a certain sequence, like a wheel. You may stop this rotation and read the counter status. In order to operate it you have to power it on and push "wait", the yellow LED will be on and all other LEDs will be off. After a short while push "read", the yellow LED will go off and the other LEDs will be enabled and the information stored in the double counter will be displayed: either red 1 or red 2 will go on representing a YIN and YANG line respectively. The same line becomes a moving line if also the green LED is lit. This is the first line of the hexagram: repeat the process 6 times by pushing again "wait" and so on. The whole circuit uses 3 ICs: one double counter and two hex inverters MC14049B. Supply voltage can be anything between 3 and 9V.

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