R-40-16 ultrasonic receiver circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit consists VTl. ~ VT7 and other components. Since receiving the signal emitted by the transmitter is very weak emblem, the circuit uses multi -stage amplifier, the output

R-40-16 ultrasonic receiver circuit
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square wave pulse signal to control VT5,1n fly and associated components work status bistable circuit, the transistor VT4 each turned once ( transmitter emits a) trigger signal by G, C fed to the bistable circuit a trigger pulse, VT5, V; 113 a reversal times. When VTfi; when is turned off from, VT5, VT7 closing, relay K release amnesty and maintained. When the next pulse arrives, VT6 by the conduction is turned off. VT7 conduction, the relay pull-K, control the work load. This circuit can be used for remote control of various electrical switches.

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size type R1 is?   Apr 25, 2022

what size type R1?

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