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Reverb News Remarkably simple by today's “everything-must-do-everything” standards, the U 47 housed fewer than 20 electrical components – minus the power supply – in a simple tube . It was the first ... It's been theorized that the acoustical properties of
 1 December 2016

EDN Europe (registration) (blog)
The switched-mode power supply has made an incredible contribution to energy efficiency in electrical and systems. Old, linear ... The introduction of switching based on pulsewidth modulation (PWM) quickly showed the power of a move away
 30 November 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design A dc input is switched off and on by MOSFET Q1. A controller sets the switching and duty cycle. When Q1 is on, the input dc is applied to the inductor that initially opposes the input. However, current eventually begins to
 30 November 2016

Frisco Fastball
Frisco Fastball According to Zacks Investment Research, “Vicor Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems using an innovative, patented, high power conversion technology. Power
 25 November 2016

AZoM With the increase in the number of channels and qubits, standardized, strongly integrated, and highly reliable control solutions are essential. This demand is ... This article discusses how the UHFLI instrument can be used to characterize
 24 November 2016

IEEE Spectrum
IEEE Spectrum One reason for this omission is that while solid-state integrated technology has had a huge impact on RF and IR transducers (the first IR LED was commercialized by Texas Instruments in 1962, shortly after TI's Jack Kilby invented the integrated
 22 November 2016 Basic concepts, law, Magnetic , AC Fundamentals, Measurement and Measuring instruments, Electrical Machines, Fractional Kilowatt Motors and single phase induction Motors, Synchronous Machines, Generation, Transmission and Distribution
 16 November 2016

Christian Science Monitor
I4U News Instead, this chip is made of metamaterials that can be activated by a weak laser pulse and low . ... “This certainly won't replace all semiconductor devices, but it may be the best approach for certain specialty applications, such as very high Photoemission-based microelectronic devices : Nature CommunicationsNature
 9 November 2016

Midwest Energy News
S&C's founders Edmund Schweitzer and Nicholas Conrad developed a fire-proof liquid fuse that could contain high- short and avoid such disasters. Since then the company has often been on ... S&C's smart grid demonstration includes a
 8 November 2016

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IEEE Spectrum
IEEE Spectrum Wind farms can emulate the rotational inertia that conventional power plants provide to stabilize power grids. Next-generation technology will do it better.
 7 November 2016