Gizmag MOSFETs are semiconductor components that have rapidly replaced common bipolar transistors in due to their low current requirements, high- capabilities, and generally improved performance. ... In other words, by applying a
 29 April 2016

Stereophile Magazine
Stereophile Magazine Instead of relying on PCM-based input processors, as most DACs do, the DirectStream converts all incoming data streams to DSDx10, which, conveniently, is the least common multiple of two common sampling , 176.4 and 192kHz. Instead of a
 28 April 2016
Additionally, the signal conditioning must manage amplification of differential signals commonly used in most resistive idge . Finally, the output response of the sensor may introduce high or low noise
 28 April 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design Design's Products of the Week (4/24-4/30)Available in multiple packages, the MachXO3L-9400 and MachXO3LF-9400 devices expand Lattice Semiconductor's MachXO3 family of FPGAs. Built in response to customer demand, the new devices ing expanded I/O and logic support for control PLD ...
 27 April 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design The high- energy can cause significant overshoots and induce ringing in the resonant parasitic in the design. The ringing magnitude is a function of the switching speed of the high-side MOSFET and the stray inductance in the
 27 April 2016
A proton-conductive memane is typically used as the anolyte/catholyte separator to effectively prevent crossover of the catholyte and anolyte and provide a conducting pathway to complete the during the passage of current. An ideal proton
 27 April 2016 The period of this oscillation is related to the area of the loop, which means that the sum of from a large number of SQUIDs with different loop sizes is more or less constant at most applied magnetic-field strengths – but has a very sharp
 26 April 2016

Hackaday These are the , current, and power dissipation figures you will have in front of you when you calculate the DC bias for your application, in order to ensure that you're operating the device within its capabilities. You needs
 26 April 2016

Smithsonian and Music Collide, the Tesla Coils Sing... store energy by oscillating at their natural resonant . More specifically, the in the devices contain an inductor—an component that resists changes in the current—and a capacitor—an
 22 April 2016

IEEE Spectrum
IEEE Spectrum Now researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have tackled a major problem in making integrated optical a reality by creating nanoscale photonic emitters with tailored optical properties that can be easily integrated Nature Photonics: A Light Source For Faster ChipsPhotonics Online
 21 April 2016