Current negative feedback electronic frequency power amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The mechanical and electrical schematic in Figure 5 112 in FIG. Chant is a schematic diagram of the channel can be seen from the figure, the entire circuit is very simple. It consists of the following components: (1) electronic crossover section 6 ICl

Current negative feedback electronic frequency power amplifier circuit
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as the "Emperor of the op amp," said the NE5532 mouth and around its RC element constitutes a typical second-order filter active input 6 after the signal points rather backward people behind the amplifier units amplify. According to the figure number, according to the crossover filter to 3. 7kHz, To change, simply calculated after changing the filter element can be RC. (2) power amplifier section of the heart IC3 TDA1514. LC4 the LM1875, which are as low, medium and high frequency amplification. It can be seen that the most part of the biggest difference amplifier circuit is that it increases the negative feedback amplifier circuit p general feedback voltage are all used in the form of negative feedback, and this machine is using the current negative feedback. R15. R23 electricity flowing through the speakers stream sampling, back to the input of the amplifier, the amplifier is driven with a constant current load. Thus, the speaker has become a part of the negative feedback network, you can eliminate the effects of electro-acoustic impedance speaker system transient characteristics, the system transient distortion splash to a minimum, thereby improving the sound quality. In addition, after using the current negative feedback, the output power amplifier

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