Accentuated beat metronome

Posted on Dec 12, 2012

IC3 acts as an oscillator which operates if the output of ICl is high. With the values used the two frequencies produced are about 800 Hz and 2500 Hz. The output is buffered by Ql which drives the speaker. The first IC is used to generate the tone duration and the time interval between beats. The interval is adjustable by RVl while the tone duration is set by Rl. The output of ICl also clocks IC2, a decade counter with 10 decoded outputs. Each of these outputs go high in sequence on each clock

Accentuated beat metronome
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The second output of IC2 is connected to the control input of IC3 and is used to change the frequency. Therefore the first tone will be high frequency, the second low and the third to tenth will be high again. This gives the 9-1 beat. If for example the 5th output is connected to the reset, the first tone will be high, the second low, and the third and fourth high, then when the 5th output goes to a high it resets it back to the first which is a high tone. We then have 3 high and one low tones or a 3-1.

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