High-End Audio Modular Preamplifier

This preamplifier is requirement result of many friends to give a high quality preamplifier, capable to drive high quality power amplifiers with good sound, it`s not however difficult to making, it combines simplicity and handiness. It does not allocate a lot of facilities and various filters, but is drawn so the acoustic signal follows the smaller course without it`s influenced by stages they do not need, with result the coloration of reproduced sound. It follows the modular philosophy that gives the possibility of changing each module and adapted in yours acoustic taste. Thus it will constitute the base for long-standing listening and experimentations. Use relay in the input selection ensures the smaller way and the better possible quality, because the relay contacts are not influenced easily by temperature changes and environment, offer smaller ohmage and parasitic resistance in the signal course. This of course depends also from the relay quality that you will select; I propose choice of relay small size and very high quality.

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