12-24V Impulse control dimmer  

Motor Control Circuits
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Dec 11, 2012
This circuit is intended for use with motors, lamps,heatings etc. Continuously from nearly zero up to maximum capacity (5-95%). Almost lossfree control by means of this impulse control. Nearly total turning moment of motors. The transistior T3 must absolutely be fastened on a heatsink with minimum dimentions of approximate 100x100x5mm. The heatsink has to be fixed insulated as the transistor has a conductive connection between the C-connection and the metal rear side.

12-24V Impulse control dimmer - img1

The transistor T3 can be destroyed by short circuit or by overheating if the circuit is operated without heatsink. --------------- Parts: R1=330-2W R2,R3=2,7K R6,R7,R5=1,5K R4=470 P=2X100K C1=47UF/10V C2=10UF/10V C3,C4=0.22UF/24v TANTAL. D1,D2=1N4148 D3=ZENER 10V-1W T1,T2=BC237C T3= BD331

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