Disinfection cabinet electronic control circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Disinfection cabinet circuit principle is the use of infrared heating, in a closed cabinet to create a high-temperature environment, tableware disinfection. Circuit shown in FI

Disinfection cabinet electronic control circuit diagram
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G. The control circuit includes an AC buck regulator circuit, infrared heating circuit and the timing control circuit. Single-phase AC power by the temperature limit fuse FU (10A, 150 degrees C) was added to the primary of the transformer T, through the buck, rectifier, regulator, the output voltage of 9V DC, the K1 normally closed contact (1-3) to a single SCR SCR anode to. AN1 is the power control key, pressing, SCR trigger turn-on, power-on control. AN3 is infrared heating start button, press it, a low level of 2 feet 555 555 trigger set .555 and R5, R6, C4, C5 and other components single stabilizing circuit, when it temporarily stable td 1.1R6C5. FIG. the parameters shown transient stability time of 24 minutes, the duration of 3 feet high output is 555 about 24 minutes.

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