Rural fish control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Artificial hatching or breeding tropical fish, while watching the fish pond need to configure add oxygen pump and circulating pump. Plus oxygen pump and circulating pump long-t

Rural fish control circuit
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erm continuous work not only wastes energy, but also easy to damage the parts. This example describes the fish farming with oxygen controller can control is applied between the oxygen pump and circulating pump rest cycle work, intermittent pond to add oxygen and water, with energy and extend equipment life role. (1) The circuit fish farming with oxygen controller circuit from the power circuit and control circuit, as shown in FIG. Power circuit from the power switch S, the power transformer T, rectifier diode VD1 ~ VD4 and filter capacitor Cl composition. Coat control circuit consists of transistors VT1, VT2, relay Kl, K2, resistance Ri --R4, capacitors C2, G and diodes VD5, VD6 composition. (2) circuit schematic power switch S, AC 220V voltage by T Buck, VD1-VD4 rectification and Cl filtered to produce 24V DC voltage supply control circuit. At this point AC 220V voltage by K2-2 normally closed contacts are circulating pump power to run work. + 24V voltage through R. K1 and normally closed contacts Kl-l charging C2. When the voltage G reaches a certain value, the transistor, rri guide, relay Kl pull its normally open contact K1-2 connected. + 24V voltage by R3 and Kl-2 contact pairs C3 charging {Meanwhile, the normally closed contacts Kl-l disconnect, C2 stop charging, the voltage on C2 discharge through R2 to VT1, VT1 maintain conduction. Kl remains Ai engaged state. When the voltage on C3 reaches a certain value. vr2 conduction. K2 pull, K2-1 normally closed contact off, cut off the island of discharge circuit, VT1 deadline. Kl release, C2 fork to start charging. Meanwhile, K2-2 normally open contact connected, plus oxygen pump power work, circulating pump stopped working. When 0 is charged to a certain value, VT1 and conduction, Kl pull, C3 charge, followed by VT2 conduction, K2 pull, circulating pumps and power work, plus oxygen pump to stop working. So the cycle, plus achieve intermittent oxygen pump and circulating pump cycle work. Tone Rang R, ink resistance or change C2, C3 capacity, plus adjustable intervals and circulating pump oxygen pump intermittent work.

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