Car active subwoofer

Between fixed loudspeaker that period. Its outer diameter must be consistent with the paper tube diameter to facilitate fixed speakers, and in its outer open on a walk trough,
Car active subwoofer - schematic

the speaker mounted on wood, wood brush on the upper chamber, which is fixed to the central conduit, speaker election 8t16.5 inch woofer with two parallel and opposite phase. Amplifier using TDA2005M, then into BTI- form, as shown in Figure 9-47. This is a vehicle that can provide greater power output circuit in the form of audio power, although subwoofer in terms of its power output somewhat enough, but in actual use, the effect is quite satisfied 6 subwoofer is placed in the use of under the back seat, the bass signal can be picked up directly from the speaker t pay attention not to pick the wrong phase. This subwoofer can be configured as more than 50w subwoofer amplifier for home theater systems, the effect is also good by the

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