3D Printed Netduino Remote Controlled Car

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The build makes use of a 10 x 20 grid of RGB LEDs controlled by the myRIO. It`s played by using a web interface on any device, as long as you have WebSockets support. [Sam] had originally built it using an Arduino at the heart, but wanted a stand-alone device to do everything ” no extra computer or Raspberry Pi for the web interface. That`s when

3D Printed Netduino Remote Controlled Car
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he discovered the myRIO ” it`s a pretty cool piece of hardware that we haven`t seen too much of yet, other than the recent Picasso with a Paintball gun project While it`s certainly an impressive sized game of Tetris, we`ve gotta point out the largest we`ve seen, put on by MIT! Or what about the tiniest game of Tetris Oh and where did they get the T-Rex [Linas] reverse engineered an AMOLED HTC 800G—480 screen and interfaced it with an STM32 micro-controller, along with some other components, to make a gorgeously over engineered reflow oven. The real beauty is in the relatively small STM32 chip powering the HTC AMOLED screen. The AMOLED screen is high contrast and has a wide viewing angle, giving it a clear crisp view from all front facing viewpoints. Though pushing the limits of what the STM32F429i can do, [Linas] managed to make a very nice home-grown  user interface, complete with user configurable settings and current temperature graphs. The user interface looks very responsive and using some clever programming, [Linas] was able to make use of the potential of the screen to provide beautiful plots and interface widgets. If there`s one thing Bitcoins can benefit from, it`s easier accessibility for first-time users. The process can be a bit daunting if you`re new to cryptocurrency, but [mayosmith] is developing an open Bitcoin ATM to help get coins in the hands of the masses. There are already some Bitcoin dispensers out...

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