3V Sweeping Siren Alarm

A very loud sweeping siren type audio sound generator powered by 3v. The circuit uses a LTC1799 precision frequency generator from Linear Technology. A 74HC14 hex Schmitt trigger from Texas Instruments is also used to perform several other functions. One section is wired as a simple 7Hz square wave oscillator.

The triangle waveform across that capacitor generates the low frequency sweeping signal for the siren. Two resistors bias the LTC1799 for a center frequency of about 2KHz. A flyback DC to DC converter circuit, produces a 40v peak signal, which is turned on and off according to the output of the LTC1799. The output is connected to a quality piezoelectric beeper, which has a resonant frequency of about 2. 5KHz. The result is a siren which is quite loud but draws only 40ma from a 3v supply. A piezoelectric device from Kobitone, part number 254-PB515-ROX, (Mouser part number 245-PB516) shown above works well. If you want something much smaller, although not quite as loud, try the Murata PKM17EPP-2002-BO shown above (Digikey part number 490-4688).

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