Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The first question we would like to answer is: what do we mean nowadays for video processing In the past, more or less till the end of the 80`s there where two distinct worlds: an analog TV world and a digital computer world. All TV processing from the camera to the receiver was based on analog processing, analog modulation and analog recording.

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With the progress of digital technology, a part of the analog processing could be implemented by digital circuits with consistent advantages in terms of reproducibility of the circuits leading to cost and stability advantages, and noise sensitivity leading to quality advantages. At the end of the 80`s completely new video processing possibilities became feasible by digital circuits. Today, image compression and decompression is the dominant digital video processing in term of importance and complexity of the all TV chain. In the near future digital processing will be used to pass from standard resolution TV to HDTV for which compression and decompression is a must, considering the bandwidth that it would require for transmission. Other applications will be found at the level of the camera to increase the image quality by increasing the number of bit from 8 to 10 or 12 for each pixel, or by using appropriate processing aiming at compensating the sensors limitations (image enhancement by non-linear filtering and processing). Digital processing will also enter into the studio for digital recording, editing and 50/60 Hz standard conversions. Today the high communications bandwidth required by uncompressed digital video necessary for editing and recording operations, between the studio devices limits the use of full digital video and digital video processing at studio level. Why video compression has become the dominant video...

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