Air Quality Monitoring System

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

PIC16F778A is widely uses now and it is also famous among the beginner until all theprofessionals because of the FLASH Memory technology which can be write/erase within a tousand times of programming. Speed and code compression are the superiority of this risc microcontroller compared to other 8-bit microcontroller. PIC16F877A have 40 pin by 33 path

Air Quality Monitoring System
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of I/O. EEPROM memory makes it easier to apply microcontrollers to devices where permanent storage of various parameters is needed (codes for transmitters, motor speed, receiver frequencies, etc. ). Low cost, low consumption, easy handling and flexibility make PIC16F877A applicable even in areas where microcontrollers had not previously been considered (example: timer functions, interface replacement in larger systems, coprocessor applications, etc. ). In System Programmability of this chip (along with using only two pins in data transfer) makes possible the flexibility of a product, after assembling and testing have been completed. This capability can be used to create assembly-line production, to store calibration data available only after final testing, or it can be used to improve programs on finished products. Analog Comparator module (Two analog comparators, Programmable on-chip voltage reference (VREF) module, Programmable input multiplexing from device inputs and internal voltage reference, Comparator outputs are externally accessible) The most commonly used LCDs found in the market today are 1 Line, 2 Line or 4 Line LCDs which have only 1 controller and support at most of 80 characters. Most LCDs with 1 controller has 14 pins. Pin description is shown in the table below: Display data RAM (DDRAM) stores display data represented in 8-bit character codes. Its extended capacity is 80 X 8 bits, or 80 characters. The...

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