Connecting an IR Sensor

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The last thing to do is to wire the IR LEDs, the resistors, and the IR receivers into the Arduino. First, connect the +5v prongs of the IR receivers (right prong if facing the receiver) using the red wires. They should be directly hooked up to the +5 volt port on the Arduino with no resistor in series. Next, connect the Ground prongs of the IR rec

Connecting an IR Sensor
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eivers (middle prong), which should be on the same bus as the IR LEDs` cathode, to the GND port of the Arduino using the black wires. The third prongs, or signal prongs, of the IR receivers (left prong if facing the receiver) should be connected through the 220 ohm resistors to the Arduino`s pins 7 and 8 (right receiver on pin 7, left receiver on pin 8) using the grey wires. Finally, the anode of the IR LED`s should be run through separate 2k resistors into port 9 using the yellow wires. Check the virtual breadboard to ensure each wire is hooked up correctly.

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