DIY Satellite Finder Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Ok, I have been looking for this circuit on line now for a while and I finally found it. (Thank you Kostas 711 in Patras City, Greece. ) Turns out it is a pretty simple circuit. Part of it is a voltage regulator and filter to isolate the voltage supplied by the receiver and using it to power an op-amp which will run the meter. The rest of it isolat

DIY Satellite Finder Circuit
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es the carrier frequency from the satellite, rectifies it, and feeds it to the amp input. The amp output drives the meter. Voila! Now I know why these things are so cheap. The most expensive component is the meter. I saw some other DIYers looking for this online as well so here it is just in case they Google me. I still would like to try to build it myself and use my volt-ohm meter for the display, perhaps without the op-amp. Maybe just a couple of caps, rectifiers, and a choke, Use a couple of RCA jacks for the output to the meter. Voila! I`ve also created my own satellite look angle calculator for Windows. I found the formulas for the elevation, azimuth and skew by looking through some learning material on the subject. They didn`t have the development of the formulas but they had some sample problems. I also found some data regarding magnetic declinations to add in, since I use a compass to do my site surveys. Right now the calculator only does the North American continent and DirecTV and Dish satellites. I am working on an upgrade and would also like to develop it for my Palm phone. The iPhone and Touch would be fun to do too, but I do not have a Mac for development. Perhaps later.

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