Design and realizing of the electric transmission line monitoring system

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Difficult to observe in order to solve the leaning phase in adjusting the electric transmission line manually, record and difficult and normalizing three major difficult problems this difficultly. This design passes the design of the software and hardware, have realized it for longer time, do not have it to the electric current in the electric tra

Design and realizing of the electric transmission line monitoring system
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nsmission line disconnectedly, voltage, zero sequence current, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, group involve the monitoring, record of the harmonic electric energy and store. This design adopts MSP430F135 one-chip computer in order to control the core, combine voltage, current transformer, DSP electric energy chip, human-machine interface, acoustooptic alarm circuit and signal processing circuit, etc. and realize the supervision on electric transmission line parameter, system this can data that gather for a long time carry on curve analyze in upper computer in the plate with leave U in, offer science, reliable basis for adjusting circuit load in the utility. This design chooses DSP electric energy chip, chip this have seven No. second order 16 sigma-delta ADC, basic reference voltage output, the voltage, electric current are sampled, fundamental wave, harmonic wave and metric signal processing circuit of energy frequency, have SPI communication interface at the same time, and support gain to noise temperature ratio of the whole digital domain, phase correction. Can automatic computation active power, reactive power, look at year power and power factor. Inside has voltage that monitors the circuit, work and go on normally when can guarantee power up and power down. This design can carry on high-accuracy measuring, input the dynamic operating range 1000: 1, Guarantee the non-linear error in...

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