Discuss simply the intermediate frequency power zero pressure of the triode thyristor is started

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The starting ability of the power of intermediate frequency is the most important performance index, quality and usability of its quality direct influence apparatus. So, it has focal point and difficult point that has studied in the industry to start the problem all the time, people adopt various methods to improve starting ability, for instance:

Discuss simply the intermediate frequency power zero pressure of the triode thyristor is started
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Charge and start the law, the self-excited law starts the law, separate excitation to rotate in parallel, magnetize and start the law etc. in advance, these methods have improved starting ability to a certain extent, but these traditional initialization modes are stored in circuit complicatedness, cost great, higher shortcoming of failure rate. In order to reduce the equipment cost, optimize and simplify the device structure, find out a brand-new initialization mode in engineering practice -Zero pressure is started. This text explains its structural principle. It was a brand-new initialization mode that zero pressure was started, it has not increased any auxiliary apparatus extraly, the circuit is succinct, low cost, examined by long-term production practices, its starting ability is very superior. Fig. 1 reverses the schematic diagram of the main circuit, L0 starts the magnetic ring, TA is a current transformer, TV is a potential transformer, offer for backfeed loop and measure the electric current and measure the voltage signal respectively. Fig. 2 is the schematic diagram of the backfeed loop, T isolates the voltage transformer, RP adjusts the potentiometer against the variable angle, VDl-VD4 is the antiparallel diode. Zero pressure it starts to be to utilize undesired signal make it blow, shake not to support LC, produce self-excited oscillation, the backfeed loop catches the self-excited signal, the controlling circuit...

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