Doorbell with IC555

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

All components arranged as in the picture sequence below. Current will flow starting from the sourcevoltage and to the switch. When the switch is closed current will flow through the diode, wherediode serves as a switch is closed because it was given forward bias (anode diode is givenpositive voltage and the cathode is given a negative voltage). F

Doorbell with IC555
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lows will be divided into two to D1 andD2. Flows from D1 (diode 1) will be channeled towards R3 and proceed toward IC555 pin7 andpin 6. Pin 7 (Discharge) serves as an audible tone interval timing, and pin 6 (threshold) to determine the final timing tone, flow at D2 will be divided into three, headingpolar capacitors, resistors, and IC555 pin 4. Polar capacitors are capacitors that havepoles. The current through the capacitor and R1 polar probe + will go to the speakers. IC555 pin 4is reset, as the timing interval can be interrupted by giving the reset pulse 0V. IC555pin 4 is connected to the speaker probe +. Speaker probe - will be connected with C3(capacitor 3) and grounded out, and the probe - the speakers will be connected with the sourcevoltage -. The working principle of the Bel 2 tone in which the DC voltage source is given in the IC555serves as a timer tones, and used the switch that serves as a voter tonehigh (when the switch is turned ON) and low tone (when the switch position OFF).

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