EI30 Transformer board

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Every DAC board and also decoder includes power supply part. Only one part which missing is power transformer. It is possible to use for example toroidal transformer with a power switch and fuse holder on a chassis. I offer here one of many variants where is used small EI transformer on the PCB, small fuses on the primary and secondary sides and a

EI30 Transformer board
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lso small power switch and screw terminals. Circuit includes terminal X1 for connection of power cable. Voltage goes to the switch S1 and via fuse F3 to primary winding of power transformer TR1 with EI30 size. From the transformer goes two secondary windings via fuses F1 and F2 to the output terminals X2 to X4. Output winding S1 designed for positive voltage rail is doubled for possibility to connect also S/PDIF decoder. Parts are commonly available. Fuses are in a radial variant to the PCB. It is possible to buy a sockets for them. His values coresponds to used transformer and expected consumption. In a case of selecting of DAC with TDA1543 circuit will be current requirements much higher about 500mA and we must select fuses and transformer with a appropriate values. Transformer with size EI30-2 produces many manufacturers. I choosed transformer from a HAHN company with 2x9V secondary windings which is enough for DAC with AD1865. For DACs with 12V voltage regulators for example PCM1794A we buy 2x15V transformer and for DACs with 8V supply we use transformer with 2x12V secondary windings. Informations about required voltage we can study on the concrete DAC page.

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