Flight Computer Assembly Instructions

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Flight Computer V1. 0: B1 PC Board U1 80C32 microprocessor U2 27C256-12 32Kx8 ROM - 120nS `V2. 1` U3 74HC373 U4 LM340T-5 5v regulator (might be a 7805 part) U5 43256-15 32Kx8 RAM - 150nS U6 74HC00 T1-T4 2N6045 or 2N6044 darlington output transistors Y1 11MHz crystal S1 28-pin socket ROM socket R1 8k2 reset pullup R2 90-120 ohms charge reservoir

Flight Computer Assembly Instructions
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fill rate R3-R6 10k C1-C2 30 or 33pF C3 10uF C4 100uF power decoupling C5 0. 1uF power decoupling C6 1000uF charge reservoir C7-9 0. 1uF power decoupling P1 6 pin connector main connector P2 10 pin header socket aux connector P3 3 pin header socket serial connector RS232 interface: U100 RS232 level converter - MAX232 or equiv. C100-C104 10uF capacitors P100 RS232 connector for your computer P101 small connector to match P3 above (included in the FC kit) Note that there should also be plugs to match all the connectors on the flight computer and a bag of pins for the plugs - they are very small so be careful you don`t lose them. P1 is a 0. 156 (really 4mm) pitch molex connector available at many local electronic supply places - P2, P3 are 2mm DF3 connectors by Hirose Electric available from DigiKey. A number of the components - in particular the TO220 transistors and the crystal may have bent leads - straighten them out - they are intended to be placed vertically. As usual you should observe care with static sensitive parts - only remove them from their tube just prior to using them and always gently ground yourself and your soldering iron tip prior to working with any parts. This board is designed to work with any of the 40-pin 8051/8031/8052/8032 variants of microprocessors - I`ve chosen the 80C32 mostly because it`s available and because it runs at a much lower power than the plain 8051/8031s that are more commonly...

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