Four Port Serial Adapter for the EB675001DIP

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This application note describes the addition of a quad serial controller to the EB675001 Module. A multi source quad Universal Asyncronous Reciver and Transmitter (UART), 16554 type, was selected to ease implementation and sourcing of components. The RS232 line drivers were similarly selected. The UART is connected to the system by using the user

Four Port Serial Adapter for the EB675001DIP
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CPLD which removes the need for any additional logic. Serial communications are those where data is transmitted one bit at a time along a single communication channel, typically varying a voltage on a piece of wire between two computers. Serial peripheral buses within computing are very common, examples of some are USB, Firewire and RS232 This design is for RS232 type serial ports. There are a large number of RS232 serial peripherals used within the computing world and it is often desirable to access several of them over a network typically using an Ethernet connection. The RS232 bus is almost always used in its asynchronous mode of operation that is a mode where the data is transmitted without a regular clock signal. The data to be sent is presented as a series of seven or eight bit wide values, each value is trasmitted as a binary level between start and stop bits. The data is sampled at a pre-determined rate and is triggered by the arrival of the start bit. The RS232 specification also defines the voltages and physical requirements. Because the standard is so common simple devices exist, called line drivers, which implent it with minimal additional circuitry. The asyncronous signals are typicaly generated with a Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) this device connects to the computers I/O bus. The proposed design is a quad UART and four line drivers attached to the EB675001DIP module using its user...

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