LCD Display with Microcontroller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Here I have described how to connect a 16 by 2 LCD display to a microcontroller. Here I have demostrated it with very common pic 16F877A. This is the circuit diagram. Here I haven`t showed the power supply and oscillator connection for pic and LCD. LCD normally have 16 pins. If you carefully observed you can see number 1 or 16 have printed near th

LCD Display with Microcontroller
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

e related pin. First let`s start with power. LCD display mainly two 5V DC power supplies. Main power supply should connect to VSS and VDD pins. Other power supply is for turn on backlight. Those pins are pin 15 and 16. They haven`t been shown in the figure. Backlight power supply is not necessary if we are not going to work in a dark environment. Ok now power supply is done. VEE pin should supply 5Vs through a preset(Variable resistor). By adjusting preset we can change the supply power to the VEE pin. It controls the brightness of the displayed text. If you are not connected this supply some times you may not see text on LCD. D4 to D7 are data pins. We only need 4 pins from them at this stage(D0 to D3). RS, E and D0 to D3 pins should be connected to the earth. Select any port(Eg. PORTB, PORTC whatever) from microcontroller. Connect pins shown in the figure to any pin as you want on that port. Connection dont`t want to be same as the figure. You can use any configuration. We can use microC pro code to initialize microcontroller pins for LCD pins.

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