Meteor Scatter obs with VHF Radio & Computer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This page contains material related to the technical issues on taking meteor counts thus monitoring the meteor influx using VHF radio receivers. It is not meant to be a comprehensive how-to guide, but tries to fill some gaps and give second opinions on observing techniques partially based on some real data presented here. There are plenty of sites

Meteor Scatter obs with VHF Radio & Computer
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on the Internet describing individual observing setups and some simple guides on why and how meteor trails are observed with radio. You must have seen them. I did not see it necessary to make another copy of such page - or any other kind, until I noticed there just might be some reasons for creating this document. One of them was the confusion on the purpose of MS-Soft - which is not the meteor counting software. The other reason was perhaps the lack of documents containing information on more, than just one kind of setup and software. I was missing a document giving the key features of different types of operational observing systems. Perhaps the comparison table I have made, will make the picture clearer and more objective to all. See what is on the table and think for your self! I do not list all methods I`ve been proposed, or heard used, to do the job - though some of them were quite hilarious, as are some amazing explanations on some documents. So excuse me - I am not focusing here on a five minute science projects, but on something more. At the latter part of this page there are descriptions of receiving hardware and free software making it a complete description of a home made receiving setup. Some technical skills are needed to duplicate these systems, so if you feel you do not have them, find some local friends to help you out. This document does not go through all the basics of the phenomena, they are found in...

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