NE612AN NE612 mixer / oscylator RF

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Combine an inexpensive transceiver, some free software and you`re on PSK31 at a rock-bottom price! Add to that the fun and pride of building the transceiver and you`ve got a n irresistible package! I is a relatively new I digital mode, created Iby Peter Martinez, | G3PLX, and covered in detail in QEX. 1 Because of its narrow bandwidth requirements

NE612AN NE612 mixer / oscylator RF
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and the Viterbi decoding built into the mode by Peter, PSK31 is ideally suited to Amateur Radio digital communications using low power. However, the narrow bandwidth of the PSK31 signal ”31. 25 Hz ”makes tuning PSK31 signals somewhat more difficult than tuning SSB and CW signals, because accurate tuning to within only a few hertz is necessary for proper decoding. This requirement has resulted in several attempts to make tuning easier, such as the PSK31 tuning aid described by Don Urbytes, W8GLV, 2 and the phase scope and waterfall display Peter included in his popular introductory software for PSK31. It was during an e-mail exchange with Peter that I hit on the idea of eliminating the need for tuning altogether! The concept of the Panoramic Transceiving System for PSK31 was born. As Steve Ford, WB8IMY, put it so well in his article, "PSK31 ”Has RTTY`s Replacement Arrived ", 3 PSK31 signals don`t deedle-deedle like RTTY signals, or chirp like the TOR modes, they warble, sounding like high-pitched, warbling carriers as you tune across them. If several PSK31 stations are operating close together, they sound like a bunch of caterwauling alley cats! It is virtually impossible to separate the individual stations by ear, as the human hearing cannot distinguish between different tones very close together in pitch, so some other technique must be used to separate stations and the best way to do it is visually*. PSK31 stations are...

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