Parallel Path Magnet Motor

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Before one magnet was 2x2x3 cm, now it is a round one 1. 5 x 2 cm only. This makes a huge difference, the motor can be run on1 V and 0. 1 A that makes 0. 1 W. you will find a lot of info, and cut time on your project, these two university students have done a lot of R and D on it, plus they have a new patent on it, yes a new patent but the all thing is open book,

Parallel Path Magnet Motor
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the tread is in Italian, use any of the web translator, i hope this helps you out Thank you. I did, a few weeks ago, went through the entire text with translation to English. But I didn`t find any patent file. Also I didn`t find schematic or other technical info that I can use to progress in my experiments. Maybe I missed it Continuing my research with PPMM (Parallel Path Magnet Motor) version 7. The difference is that this motor has ferrite magnets, as you suggested. They are much weaker compared to the previous ones, neodymium, but same dimensions. Parallel path magnet motor SRSM7 version 7 of nominal ~ 1 kW power - a test how it works from 0. 7 V to 30 V, when drawing power starting from 0. 15 W. This version differs from the previous ones with magnets, now ferrite magnets are used, not neodymium ones. Parallel path magnet motor version SRSM7. The input is set up so as the entire system consumes 30 W. The energy recovery subsystem consumes 27 W, so the motor itself practically is using only 3 W.

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