Precision Peak voltage detector with a long memory time

To check the peak voltage of the signal to change at any time. Measuring with a multimeter will not do it. We recommend this circuit. It may help you. In this circuit is used with a positive signal input, when has negative feedback only. And the inverting input can only get some feedback, when diode D1-1N4148 is forward biased. When we put the input signal is positive, the output
Precision Peak voltage detector with a long memory time - schematic

voltage of op-amp increases equal to the inverting input signal. When the input is negative, the diode D1 will be reverse bias, the still voltage on the capacitor C1 but it is discharged slowly with an input current of the op-amp IC1 about 10pA. This the circuit checks signal sound level or Circuit Peak Level Indicator by LM723. Usual we often lead IC LM723 or UA723 come to use do, DC voltage Regulator. But for this circuit, build the circuit can check signal sound level with. When see the structure changes the integrated circuit. As a result participate of check volage with then bring apply for this not difficult work extremely. As a result request friends study the work has of the circuit follows a picture be lucky sir. This be the circuit Peak Detector or checks pressure electricity topmost level is easily. Which I uses integrated number circuit LF353 be the integrated circuit op-amp perform measure electricity pressure or, compare with the pressure there. When see the circuit has already you will like. Because the equipment is a little and build easy. regard circuit idea well yes.

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